Earthquake Preparedness: Worth the Effort


Blank stares. I get them when I ask my hubby to quake-proof a bookcase or schlep bottles of emergency water back from Costco. I get them when talking paint chips or vacation logistics. And I definitely got them when planning our wedding.

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Top five reasons to put off writing your Last Will and Testament

Make-A-Will Week Header Graphic

We all know death is a serious matter, as are the arrangements that need to be made after the passing of a loved one. With that said, we can all agree that a number of complications can arise if you pass away without having written a will. Some people can find humour in anything. Well,

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ERASE Bullying Forum

ERASE Bullying Forum - graphic collage

A Surrey high school was rocking on February 28 and it wasn’t because of a basketball game or a concert… It was because of the ERASE student forum addressing bullying.

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Earthquake Preparedness…Check


The Big One. Common definition? A catastrophic earthquake. The Big One. My definition? Getting your family ready for it. It’s a daunting job — one that’s languishing on many a mom’s to-do list.

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I saved my husband’s life with CPR – but I didn’t know CPR

I saved my husband’s life with CPR

The most traumatic event of Heather Forrester’s life began as a regular weeknight at home with her husband Ross… She called 911 and began the harrowing task of keeping her husband alive.

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